A compact advanced gas mask that allows for better visibility and increased gas protection.
  — The Arsenal 

MK3 Gas Mask is a facegear that was released to the game during 2009. The face item is unlocked upon the player reaching the rank of Second Lieutenant/III. The face item is available in the Shop in 1 to 90-day durations.


The MK3 Gas Mask reduces the harmful effects of toxic gas by +45%. It's restricted (cannot be used) to Specialist characters. Players may find the MK3 Gas Mask useless on the battlefield as it provides no other statistical boost other than gas protection. However, if this mask was used in Black Lung or Cabin Fever, it would be very helpful as these maps are surrounded by gas and would increase the player's survival in the Fireteam map.



  • It provides the highest gas protection compared to other GP gas masks.
  • The MK3 Gas Mask rivals the Chemical Gas Mask, which has +60% gas protection.