A light machine gun designed for special forces.
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The MK.48 has the second highest power of any Machine Gun in Combat Arms (after the M2 Browning ). Its rival, the K3 Machine Gun, has a higher rate of fire but lower firepower.

Is deadly when used at shorter ranges, but because of its low portability (which is common in machine guns), the player is vulnerable and ineffective in the open against weapons with longer range. Its high firepower means it can take down enemies faster, although its slow fire rate hinders how effectively it can 'spray down' an area. It is one of the more popular of the MGs and is frequently used.

Due to the 51 Damage Stat, it is possible to three hit kill opponents.



  • This weapon has been offered for Permanent duration during the following events:
  • The MK.48 was on sale for permanent duration on Combat Arms Europe/North America during the Combat Arms 7th Anniversary for 148,430 GP.[1]
    • Nexon removed the sale after day one due to a bug.[2]
    • The sale has never returned since the removal.


  • At the release of the game, the MK.48 had a foregrip, but it has since been removed. However, the illustration used in the player profile image still shows the MK.48 with a foregrip.
  • Despite having a Rail Attachment System (RAS), it can't equip a scope, while its variants, MK.48 MOD 0 and MK.48 MOD 0 CAMO have a pre-attached scope.
  • Its description was shortened during a patch in 2009.


  • The drawing animation of the MK.48.
  • The firing animation of the MK.48.
  • The reloading animation of the MK.48.
  • The sprinting animation of the MK.48.


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