This lethal machine gun boasts a fast burst rate and an effective range of 1000 meters.
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The FN MINIMI is a Belgian Machine Gun.


The MINIMI is statistically one of the fastest shooting weapons in the game. However, it suffers the rank of the second lowest firepower of any Machine Gun, but it does have the second lightest structure (tied with the K3).

The MINIMI is the first machine gun available to new players in Combat Arms. It boasts mediocre damage(for a machine gun) and an above average rate of fire possibly beating out the M4A1. Coupled with the fact it is the least expensive machine gun in the game (along with the M60), this weapon is easily accessible to anyone.

This weapon can be considered a "jack of all trades" machine gun by some as it does not excel nor fail in a specific mode; it can be used to an extent in player v. player games as its medium damage and rate of fire make this a force to be reckoned with in close quarters while its large ammo capacity, medium damage, and controllable recoil make this viable in fireteam missions. However as with all machine guns, this weapon does not excel in medium to long range combat.



  • This is one of six GP weapons in Combat Arms North America that can still be purchased for a one day duration.
  • The weapon appears in game with a paratrooper stock.
  • As with most belt fed machine guns, the ammunition belt does not move while the weapon is being fired and the belt of ammo will still be visible even if the user runs out of ammo.


  • The drawing animation of the MINIMI.
  • The firing animation of the MINIMI.
  • The reloading animation of the MINIMI.
  • The sprinting animation of the MINIMI.