A Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH) with attached goggles for inclement weather conditions. Reduces damage taken to the head.
  — The Arsenal 

The MICH Helmet is a Head gear item that is one of the most commonly bought headwear items in Combat Arms. Costing 200 GP per day, it helps to protect the wearer from headshots by +20%. It is seen as a smooth helmet that matches the color of the wearer's Uniform with a pair of unmovable white goggles strapped on top. There is also a small headset sticking out of the right side of the helmet. Due to its added headshot protection, Nexon added a Staff Sergeant/II Rank Requirement to make the helmet a "reward" for more experienced players. The only downfall into wearing this is that the goggles make your head a larger target along with the helmet itself.


  • The MICH is currently the standard Helmet for the U.S. Military.
  • One can wear standard Goggles along with the MICH, even though the MICH already has goggles on it.
  • The MICH is not capable enough to protect the wearer from most headshots. A single shot to the head with any gun will usually result in death.
  • A good look that goes with the MICH is to wear either a chemical gas mask or a fire mask. These give you marginal protection and realistic looks at the cost of facial speed gear.


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