A replica from WWII, this is a modification of the MG30. Not only is it a devastating light machine gun, it can serve as an anti-aircraft gun if set on a tripod.
  — The Arsenal 

The Maschinengewehr 34 is a forged weapon, released through the 1/19/12 Patch.


Although stats may turn one away from the MG34, this weapon actually performs much better in-game. With a quick draw and reload rate, this weapon is capable of providing a constant 3 hit-kill and controllable recoil. This allows it to be effective at hitting long range targets while tap-firing.

Forging it requires 7 fusion pallets and a MK.48.



Yuletide Annihilator


Silver I
Silver III
Yuletide Annihilator


Forged/MARK II
MG34 (MK.48)
Yuletide Annihilator (MK.48)


  • The MG34 was on sale for permanent for 120,000 GP during the first day of the Combat Arms 4th Anniversary sale.
  • The MK.48 was on sale for permanent for only 100,000 GP during the 4th Anniversary sale 2 weeks after. It was cheaper to buy the MK.48 then and forge it into a MG34.


  • Since this is the first machine gun to be offered permanent for GP, its popularity has been on the rise since its inital release.
  • The MG34 is the first GP permanent machine gun to be sold. It is also the first forged weapon to be sold for permanent.


  • The drawing animation of the MG34.
  • The firing animation of the MG34.
  • The reloading animation of the MG34.
  • The sprinting animation of the MG34.

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