A modified MG version of the G3 which uses some parts that are compatible with the G3. Although it has a slow rate of fire, its high accuracy and burst fire option make it a worthy weapon for any soldier.
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The MG21E is a Machine Gun that was released in the 10/20 Content Update.


The MG21E is a GP variant of the M21E, although it has a different magazine feed. It features a above average accuracy and a burst firing mode. This machine gun's stats are very similar to its NX counterpart M21E, however it also has much more controllable spread. The MG21E is thought of as one of the best-performing Machine Guns available for GP, due to its low spread, respectable time to kill, and its ability to fire in burst mode.

Adding onto what was said above, the MG21E is an efficient GP machine gun as it features controllable spread and recoil in addition to having decently high damage. It kills NPCs very quickly in fireteam modes while still retaining some usability in player vs player modes such as elimination.

Its high damage coupled with its decent spread for a machine gun makes it deadly in the right hands. It is recommended for experienced users to switch this weapon to burst mode when fighting human players at medium ranges as this drastically reduces weapon spread while moving. In addition, if the 3 shots land on target, it will result in a 1 burst kill.

Though it is recommended against using machine guns at long range, one can attempt to tap fire. Usage of machine guns for long range conflicts typically work out better in Fireteam than in elimination or Quarantine Regen



  • It was released in Combat Arms: Brazil on 08/08/2013, along with the Anaconda Gold.
  • The MG21E is belt fed while its NX counterpart, the M21E, is drum fed.


  • The drawing animation of the MG21E.
  • The firing animation of the MG21E.
  • The burst-mode firing animation of the MG21E.
  • The reloading animation of the MG21E.
  • The sprinting animation of the MG21E.