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An item given to Field Grade Officers to mark their promotion. It is a modified version of the M9. These Elite series items will be available each time you are promoted to MAJ1, MAJ4, LTC2, LTC5, and COL3.
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The M9 Elite is an upgraded version of the default M9 knife unlocked at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel/II. It features a brown and white tiger stripe pattern on the handle as well as a small standing tiger on the blade. The damage rating is increased, compared to the default M9.



M9 Ico rank01
M9 Professional Ico rank09 01
M9 Veteran Ico rank12 02
M9 Elite Ico rank15 02
M9 Champion Ico rank19


  • The engraving on the blade reads "M-9", different from their previous variants, which reads "N-9".


  • The drawing animation of the M9 Elite.
  • The primary attacking animation of the M9 Elite.
  • The secondary attacking animation of the M9 Elite.
  • The sprinting animation of the M9 Elite.