A staggeringly powerful anti-materiel rifle capable of chambering only one immense round at a time. Its range and accuracy have been tuned to near perfection.
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The Barrett Model 99 "Bigshot" is a GP-Standard Sniper Rifle that was released during the 12/07/2012 (Cover of Darkness Update) content update.


It has perfect damage and accuracy, but, in exchange, an extremely small magazine size of 1 round. In addition, the magazine of this weapon cannot be modified. Four notable things about the M99 Bigshot is that it is very large (taking up almost 1/4 of the screen), has a scope cover, a unique and incredibly loud firing sound, and a fast reload. This weapon can also almost never be tanked, meaning that a landed shot almost always guarantees a kill.

After firing the only round of the M99 Bigshot, the player un-scopes and loads the next round into the chamber. This process is very fast, almost as fast as an L96A1 chambering its next round. This gun should, however, never be quickswitched with because, unlike almost every other gun, the M99 Bigshot does not show the reload animation straight after being taken out with an empty magazine. It shows the draw animation before doing so. This renders quick-switching useless on this weapon since it takes less time to reload normally.





Bronze II
M99 Bigshot
Bronze III


  • There is a current glitch sometimes where even though a player shoots an enemy with this weapon, the shot does not register. The name tag of the enemy lights up to orange, but they don't take any damage. Similar to 'no register', but occurring even when the player is alive. Nexon has yet to fix this bug.
  • This is the second gun in Combat Arms to have both 100% accuracy and damage. The other gun is the DSR-1 Tactical
  • This gun has the smallest magazine of any bullet weapon in the whole game but includes 19 rounds in reserve, evening the ammo count to a SR like the L96A1 (1/19 vs. 5/15)
  • There is a bug where the M99 Bigshot can reload cancel and fire the reloaded bullet before the animation finishes (similar to shotguns reloading shells) . This only works if you are no-scoping with the weapon.
    • This will cause the weapon to fire faster than most one hit sniper rifles.


  • The drawing animation of the M99 Bigshot.
  • The firing and reloading animation of the M99 Bigshot.
  • The scoping animation of the M99 Bigshot.
  • The sprinting animation of the M99 Bigshot.