Hailing from China, this anti-materiel rifle holds 5 rounds of devastating force that is just as capable at piercing armored vehicles as it is with puncturing grunts. The M99-II can help level the playing field for a squad needing some heavy hitting sniper support.
  — The Arsenal 

The M99-II is a Sniper Rifle released in the 11/17/11 Content Update.


The M99-II is a fully-automatic weapon, featuring 100% damage and a near-perfect accuracy of 99%. Coupled with a quick draw speed, it is known to be a highly-reliable weapon.

Its rate-of-fire, while slow compared to other fully-automatic snipers (such as the SR-25), surpasses many bolt-action rifles (including the L96A1, M107CQ, and DSR-1) at the same time - creating an all-in-one package of speed, accuracy, and power.

To balance it out, the M99-II features a non-upgraded magazine of only five rounds - while most automatic/semi-automatic rifles carry ten.

Furthermore, the M99-II has a very low portability rate, making it difficult to carry around while taking fire.





Bronze II
M99 Bigshot
Bronze III


GP Standard
M99 Bigshot


  • This is the first automatic sniper rifle with 100 damage and 99 accuracy.
  • The firing and reload sound is the same as the DSR-1.
  • Comparing it to the ZVI Falcon, which has a much higher rank requirement and GP price tag, there has been much controversy on its overshadowing performance.


  • The drawing animation of the M99-II.
  • The firing animation of the M99-II.
  • The reloading animation of the M99-II.
  • The sprinting animation of the M99-II.

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