A special edition M92FS with stainless steel trim. It has a modified magazine slide that allows for slightly quicker reloads.
  — The Arsenal 

The M92F SE is a GP Standard pistol and a cosmetic variant of the M92FS.


The M92F SE's design is exactly the same as the M92FS, with the exception of an inconsistent silver paint job along the edges. The M92F SE has a faster reload speed than the M92FS, while maintaining the same statistics. It accepts all modifications (Scope, Magazine, Suppressor).



  • The M92F SE is currently the cheapest firearm in all of Combat Arms, costing a mere 200 GP. This is likely because there is only a minor difference between it and the default pistol.


  • The drawing animation of the M92F SE.
  • The firing animation of the M92F SE.
  • The reloading animation of the M92F SE.
  • The sprinting animation of the M92F SE.

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