An item given to Company Grade Officers to mark their promotion. It is a modified version of the M92FS. These Veteran series items will be available each time you are promoted to 2LT1, 2LT4, 1LT2, 1LT5, and CPT3.
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The M92FS Veteran is a Default Upgrade Pistol of the M92FS. The magazine has been modified to improve reload time and accuracy.


The M92FS Veteran unlocked at the rank of First Lieutenant/V. It features, like all the Veteran items, a snakeskin pattern. It also has a white snake on its slide. The accuracy is higher than the previous M92FS, so is the reload rate. Possibly it keeps the draw rate boost as it is a modified version of the professional pistol.

Overall, this pistol is an improvement over the default M92FS in part due to its 5 point boost in accuracy. The crosshairs are notably smaller than the default version and has the slightly faster draw rate of the professional version. This pistol however still is a 5-6 shot kill on medium vests while have a slower rate of fire, comparable to that of the USP.



  • This weapon has a snake etched onto the slide.


  • The draw animation of the M92FS Veteran.
  • The fire animation of the M92FS Veteran.
  • The reload animation of the M92FS Veteran.
  • The sprint animation of the M92FS Veteran.

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