A modified version of the M92FS that is given exclusively to Sergeants. A design adjustment has improved the drawspeed. (Reward item for Sergeants)
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Introduced in the 3/31/10 patch, the M92FS Professional is a slightly upgraded version of the default M92FS intended as a promotion gift. When one has reached the rank of Ico rank09 04Master Sergeant/II, this pistol is automatically placed in their inbox for them to unlock and use. Like the other items in the Professional series, the weapon has an eagle-based design, featuring a white base color with black detailing, with grips painted black and blue and drawn white feathers.

Performance-wise, probably the only stated and known difference compared to the original M92FS is the quicker draw speed, a small plus when the user needs to engage enemies and cannot afford to waste time reloading their primary weapon or taking out another weapon with a sluggish draw.



  • This weapon, along with the M92FS Silver and M92FS Gold , are the only pistols in its family which are depicted with its hammer cocked back.
  • The slide reads "U.S. 9mm M9 MILITARY -57821"
    • This would in fact identify this pistol as a Beretta M9 and not a Beretta 92FS as its name suggests


  • The draw animation of the M92FS Professional.
  • The fire animation of the M92FS Professional.
  • The reload animation of the M92FS Professional.
  • The sprint animation of the M92FS Professional.