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The default combat knife. Necessary for close combat, it can be used to silently eliminate an enemy.
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The M9 Bayonet is the Default Melee weapon for Combat Arms. The M9 given to every player who first created their character in-game (for permanent).


This knife does modest damage for its quick double-slice primary attack.If you don't plan on playing any melee-only matches, it is recommended to just stick with this weapon, as it's free and it has a fast attack rate. Its left-click attack (double slash) does less damage than the right-click attack (stab) but it is quicker to perform. As of the 3-31-10 patch, new permanent cosmetic variants of the M9 with slight changes in overall performance (draw speed, attack speed, etc.) have been added to the game. These variants require a certain rank to be distributed to one's Inbox. Players who earn many headshots with the knife are often accused as hackers, often resulting in attempts to kick those players. Many players are resentful of the use of the M9 because it is often "spammed" in melee fights. Note that the M9 is difficult to use outside of a melee only match, as guns tend to be far more useful in achieving kills at close range. Nevertheless, people still continue to use it for melee only matches, though may get frustrated with its short range. The knife can kill with 2-3 slashes using the primary attack and 2 stabs using the secondary attack (or 1 stab and 1 slash).



  • The M9 is the sixth lightest melee weapon in the game (just behind from the USMC KA BAR M11 Tactical Knife, Tiger Strider, Tracker Knife and Brass Knuckles).
  • The M9's secondary attack just looks like a lunge in third person, as it does not show the person flipping it and using the overhand stab attack. The M9's primary attack looks even more hysterical in third person.
  • The M9 has the words "Combat Arms" written on its blade.
  • The M9 has 3 holes; one on the blade used for wire cutting, and two on the hilt to attach to a rifle as a bayonet. The holes are purely cosmetic, however, and have no function in the game.


  • The drawing animation of the M9.
  • The primary attacking animation of the M9.
  • The secondary attacking animation of the M9.
  • The sprinting animation of the M9.

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