Br De Fr
Main m79
GP cost

1 Day - 1,000 GP

7 Days - 4,900 GP

30 Days - 19,500 GP

90 Days - 54,000 GP


Ico rank10 01Command Sergeant Major/I


Very Low



Ammo capacity


Firing modes

Single Shot



IRL M79 grenade launcher

Nicknamed the Platoon Leader's Artillery by soldiers, the M79 serves as a portable grenade launcher, delivering highly precise explosives all around the battlefield.
  — The Arsenal 

The M79 is a grenade launcher released in the 6/30/11 Content Mini-Update. It requires a rank of Command Sergeant Major/I to unlock.


Being one of the first of its kind in the Combat Arms universe, the M79 is a launcher capable of firing a single grenade shell. The design of the weapon utilizes a break-action system, where the user would fire the round, and open the action up to extract the used shell and insert a new grenade in, very similar to the shell reloading of a Double Barrel. When fired, the grenade round will launch into the air and arc down, detonating on impact and releasing a small blast, much like the well-established M32 Grenade Launcher, but with a single-round capacity in place of six.

Due to its poor damage (the lowest of all non-chemical explosives) and area of effect combined with a very limited range and ammo count, many stay away from it after initial tryout. Unlike the M32, this is not an "offensive" side weapon; it is ill-suited for straight-in rushing or used as a stand-alone against enemies.

However, it excels as a fallback weapon, used alongside other factors. One example is the usage of another primary and the use of close-quarter environments with many corners. After firing at the enemies and realizing that they are on the verge of being overrun and outgunned, the user can fall back to cover, and wait for the opposition to rush. The subsequent retaliation with a M79 is extremely useful in these situations, a well-placed shot can inflict explosive damage and area of effect capable of stopping a partially injured enemy in one hit, while keeping the user away from the large blast effect characteristic of other launchers.



Dual M79


Silver II
2-Silver Star
Dual M79


GP Standard M79
Myth Dual M79


  • It is the first Non-Specialist GP Grenade Launcher.
  • Due to complaints of being underpowered, the M79 had its ammo capacity increased, from 1/1 to 1/2. Its power, however, remained the same.
  • This gun first appeared in the Vietnam War in real life, firing a 40x46mm grenade.
  • It was originally meant to be a weapon unlocked at Captain/I, but the rank requirement was lowered upon actual release.
  • This gun fires more like in an arc like the M32, but has lower "velocity" and "trajectory".


  • The drawing animation of the M79.
  • The firing animation of the M79.
  • The reloading animation of the M79.
  • The sprinting animation of the M79.

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