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Br De Fr
Main M6A2-SRT
NX cost

1 Day - 900 NX

7 Days - 3,400 NX

30 Days - 6,500 NX

90 Days - 11,900 NX

Permanent - 24,900 NX




Moderately High


Pre-attached Foregrip

Ammo capacity


Rate of Fire74
Firing modes

Burst Fire







Iron Sight




Using the Rail Integration System (RIS) to attach a fore grip, the M6A2 SRT helps improve a soldier's speed in combat. Advancements to the weapon's damage capabilities round out this solid Carbine Assault rifle.
  — The Arsenal 

The M6A2-SRT is a NX Standard Assault Rifle released in the 12-23-09 Patch.


This weapon features an integrated foregrip which helps recoil recovery. Like the M6A2, this weapon has an ammo capacity of 35/105. The M6A2-SRT boasts low recoil, good accuracy, a large magazine, and a quick reload. It does the same damage as the M416 CQB, making it a solid 4-shot kill. The quick reload is identical to the standard M6A2's. The player just pops in a new magazine without pulling the charging handle, resulting in a quick reload.

The weapon will score many consistent 4 hit kills with rather average damage dropoff,making the weapon a consistent assault rifle as 4 hit kills can be expected from this gun. It has the same maximum range as other assault rifles though,firing the same distance before not being able to hit at all.

The weapon has a rather average rate of fire,allowing it to spray down an enemy who surprises the user at close range. it has a rather average maximum spread as well,performing on par with many other assault rifles.

The unscoped spread,spread increase and maximum spread are all on par with other assault rifles,allowing the weapon to fire about the same amount of shots before becoming inaccurate.

The recoil pattern differs from the standard M6A2 as it will kick up for the first 6 shots,then it will drift left and right every 2 shots after the initial. This allows the weapon to perform better at medium ranges,as the weapon's recoil will kick back onto target more often then not.

The M6A2-SRT is a close competitor of the M416 CQB. Their stats are basically the same but the M6A2-SRT has slightly higher accuracy and recoil (one point higher for each) over the M416 CQB.

This gun can be customized, resulting in improved Rate of Fire and, even higher Accuracy.



GP Standard M6A2
NX Standard M6A2-SRT
First Green M6A2 CQB
NX Rare M6A3 DMR
Rusty M6A3 DMR
Loaded M6A2 SRT
Festive The Second Amendment
The Vimy Ridge
Visionary Visionary The Second Amendment
Visionary The Vimy Ridge



  • The M6A2-SRT was the last LE weapon to be sold for permanent before every weapon received a permanent-purchase option.
  • Despite the fact that the M6A2-SRT is statistically superior to the M416 CQB, reloads faster, and offers the freedom to attach various optical sights, it is not as popular as its counterpart. This is probably because players tend to rely on frequently seen weapons, rather than weapons that are seldom seen. The difference in recoil pattern can also be off-putting to players who can't handle it.
  • The M6A2-SRT LE is a slightly different weapon (reflecting its LE status), and is not customizable in the Gun Emporium. If a player owns the LE version, it will appear in the list of customizable guns in the Gun Emporium but all the customization slots (piston, barrel, trigger) are grayed out.


  • Drawing animation of the M6A2-SRT
  • Firing animation of the M6A2-SRT
  • Burst firing animation of the M6A2-SRT
  • Reloading animation of the M6A2-SRT
  • Sprinting animation of the M6A2-SRT

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