Using the Rail Integration System (RIS) to attach a fore grip, the M6A2 SRT helps improve a soldier's speed in combat. Advancements to the weapon's damage capabilities round out this solid Carbine Assault rifle.
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The M6A2-SRT is a 2-Star Silver Grade NX Standard Assault Rifle available for Rental released in the 12-23-09 Patch.


The M6A2-SRT's design features an integrated foregrip. Like the M6A2, this weapon has an ammo capacity of 35/105 and is an average assault rifle; it boasts a fairly decent amount of recoil, a good accuracy, a larger magazine than the standard assault rifle, and a slightly slower reload speed which may look faster than average due to the deceiving fact that the player simply ejects the magazine and pops in another mag without pulling the charging handle. Oddly enough however, the M6A2 and M6A2 CQB both have a slightly quicker reload speed than the M6A2-SRT by 70 miliseconds (00.07 seconds). It does the same damage as the M416 CQB, making it a solid 4-shot kill. In fact, it statistically resembles the M416 CQB with the exception of one more point of recoil and an increased ammo capacity. Its spread however is a lot less tighter than the M416 CQB; unlike the CQB's firmly closed spread, the SRT's spread when going full auto will move around a lot more.

The M6A2-SRT has a few variations (check the Trivia section for more info). When compared to each other, the ACE & LE and ACE Custom & LE Custom variations are statistically no different from each other. Both the LE and LE Custom are cheaper than the ACE and ACE Custom, making it a financially smarter decision to purchase a permanent LE variation over the ACE variation. That being said, the LE variations aren't available for any other duration besides a permanent duration.

The M6A2-SRT Custom has more fire rate, better accuracy, and lower recoil then the original M6A2-SRT. Its rate of fire is improved by 9 points, its accuracy is increased by 7 points, and its recoil is decreased by 8 points.

Variants & Custom Changes

Note: This comparison chart shows the statistical improvement between the original M6A2-SRT and the M6A2-SRT Custom

Events & Trivia

  • The M6A2-SRT has a few variations: The original, the ACE, the Custom, the ACE Custom, the LE (Limited Edition), and the LE Custom.
  • The M6A2-SRT was the last LE weapon to be sold for permanent before every weapon received a permanent-purchase option.
  • The (ACE) M6A2-SRT LE is a replica of the LE version but with a Silver III grade instead of a Silver II grade.
  • The (ACE) M6A2-SRT Custom and M6A2-SRT LE Custom are identical besides their grades and prices.
    • The LE Custom is cheaper than the (ACE) Custom by 3,750 NX.
  • Since the removal of the 'Customization' system in the Gun Emporium, the M6A2-SRT is no longer a customizable weapon but its custom variant is available for direct purchase with NX.


Draw Firing
M6A2-SRT Draw
M6A2-SRT Fire
Reload Sprint
M6A2-SRT Reload
M6A2-SRT Sprint
Burst Firing
M6A2-SRT Burst

  • Screenshot of the M6A2-SRT on the floor
  • First person view of the M6A2-SRT
  • Third person view of the M6A2-SRT

  • M6A2 FIRE
  • M6A2 RELOAD1
    "Reload 1"'
  • M6A2 RELOAD2
    "Reload 2"'