The latest model of the M-Type carbine rifle that has been designed for modern battle environments. A Rail Integration System (RIS) and lightweight construction make this Assault Rifle a solid choice in combat.
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The LWRC International M6A2 is a 1-Star Silver Grade Assault Rifle released in the 12-23-09 Patch.


The M6A2 is a fairly average assault rifle. Statistically, it is a lowered down M416 with 2 less points of damage and 1 additional point of recoil. Unlike the M416 however, it holds 5 more ammo per each magazine with a total ammo count of 140 (35/105) bullets and has a burst firing mode. Although it looks as if the M6A2's reload is quicker than most other assault rifles due to the player simply ejecting the magazine and popping in another without pulling the charging handle, the M6A2's reload is quite average. Weapons like the M4A1, M416, and even its CQB variant the M6A2 CQB have the same reload length time as the M6A2. That being said, the M6A2 has a slightly faster reload speed than the M6A2-SRT. Its draw animation shows the player pulling the charging handle unlike its reloading animation.



  • It performs similarly to the M6A2-SRT. The only statistical differences the SRT has is a decreased weight and an increased damage.
    • That being said, it also has a slightly slower reload drawback.
    • The slightly increased reload speed of the M6A2 is faster by 70 miliseconds (00.07 seconds) compared to the M6A2-SRT.
  • It used to be customizable before the customization system was removed with piston, barrel and trigger upgrades..
    • The Custom version of the M6A2 has an increased damage, fire rate, and accuracy while also having a decreased recoil.
  • Its drawing animation resembles the M417's drawing animation.


Draw Fire
M6A2 Draw
M6A2 Fire
Reload Sprint
M6A2 Reload
M6A2 Sprint
Burst Fire
M6A2 Burst

  • M6A2 FIRE
  • M6A2 RELOAD1
    "Reload 1"'
  • M6A2 RELOAD2
    "Reload 2"'