The M69HE Frag-NL, added in the 3-25-09 Patch, was the first NX Explosive weapon introduced in the Black Market, followed by the M32 Grenade Launcher, the Claymore, and the Airstrike Designator - LGB.


In comparison to the M69HE Frag, the M69HE Frag-NL has 1 point more damage and is completely identical in appearance. Upon use, one will find that it has a larger blast radius than its GP counterpart. As a result of this, it can be easily underestimated and mistaken for the normal M69HE, which can give a player a slight advantage in combat. 

This grenade can be used in conjunction with the M69HE Frag, totaling with 2 High-Explosive frags in one life.




  • You can have two grenades "M69" equipped, unlike the M67 Frag Pack that can be purchased for GP or NX, the two M69 variants have different statistics.


  • Throwing the M69HE Fragmentation Grenade.
  • The explosion of the M69HE-NL Fragmentation Grenade.