A compact, quick access grenade pack that allows for 2 M67 Frag Grenades to be carried in one Support slot.
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The M67 Frag Pack is an Explosives item that can be purchased in the Black Market or in the Shop. The grenade pack contains two M67 Frags.

When used, the M67 frag item would have an extra grenade every time you respawn, similar to the time before the 2-25-09 Patch came along.



  • From June 23 to June 29 of 2010, the M67 Frag Pack could be bought for one day for 99 NX, even though one would save more NX if they bought the 90 day pack instead.
  • The M67 Frag Pack was available for PERMANENT duration during the Gray Friday Sale, at a price of 8,720 NX.
  • On Black Friday 2010, this item was on sale for 1225 NX (90 days).


  • The M67 Frag Pack used to be the default support weapon. It was changed approximately 1 year after the initial release of Combat Arms due to players spamming them.
  • The M67 Frag Pack is the only non-default weapon used in the Training Grounds.