A fragmentation grenade that inflicts heavy damage to anyone within the grenade's effective range.
  — Item Description 

The M67 Frag is a Default Explosive weapon given to players as soon as they create their character.

Since it is a default weapon, the M67 Frag is not purchasable. Its variant is the M67 Frag pack, which consists of two M67 frags instead of one.


The M67 Frag grenade is commonly used to take out several enemies from a location either from around a corner, or behind a door, due to its ability to bounce off walls and any other surface, as well as to arc over barriers. It is useful for taking out several enemies at a time, or at least damaging them. The M67 will not explode when held with the pin out, and sometimes when one dies, one will drop creating a suicide frag. Also, its pin cannot be pulled while sprinting, but can be dropped at any time. Although this grenade cannot hurt allies as long as friendly fire is off, it can hurt the user at any time, so be careful as where to throw it.


  • Grenades can be very useful for throwing into enemy territory at the start of a Search and Destroy or Elimination Pro round. It can, as a result, easily kill as rushers who usually don't notice them.
  • The M67 Frag has a very high portability (higher than the knife), which can be useful to rush in to enemies with.



  • This is commonly used by Mogadishu's Military; all enemy types have a chance of dropping one, which increases with the difficulty played. Look out below!
  • The player originally had two M67s every time he/she respawned. However, after the 2-25-09 Patch, players only receive one due to a game imbalance. A good way to explain this is to think of grenade-happy players against regular players in Junk Flea matches. Now, the only way to get back double M67s per respawn is the M67 Frag Pack.
  • Throwing a grenade causes the player to say "Grenade!" or "Fire in the hole!". These voices are different depending on the gender of the character.
  • Surprisingly, yet realistically correct, the M67 actually becomes less accurate when being thrown while crouching, since the reticule becomes larger.
  • Any grenades primed while interacting with other objects by using the E key such as opening the saferoom doors in Overdose will result in dropping the grenade at the players feet after interaction.


  • The drawing animation of the M67 Frag.
  • The throwing animation of the M67 Frag.
  • The sprinting animation of the M67 Frag.

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