Designed explicitly for combat, the M590 has a tremendous stopping power. Its long barrel gives it reasonable accuracy for a shotgun.
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The M590 Military is a pump-action Shotgun that is available for 900 GP per 24 hours. Formerly the most used shotgun, the firepower of the Military can be deadly. With a well-aimed shot (one if aimed at the head, or at times, any part of the body) needed, the Military can kill enemies who are equipped with even a Heavy Vest. However, its pump after every shot may be slow compared to the R870 to even out its power (though the pump animation is longer than the actual firing rate which is surprisingly fast). Along with this, this shotgun can even eliminate targets from Assault Rifle range.

The M590 was once capable of killing players with only one shot; now, the player wielding it must be close to the target so that almost all of the "pellets" of the shotgun blast hit the enemy, allowing a quick take-down.

After the 4-29-09 Patch, the Military had its firepower reduced after so many complaints of overusing its power, and its Rank Requirement had been raised to that of a Staff Sergeant I, in hopes that the M590 would become far less common in the future. It had been lowered by a large portion, though its decent spread of fire and its fast reload time was still there to maintain a portion of its popularity. However, the fire rate was increased, increasing the effectiveness against those without a heavy vest. The M590 Military was also able to permanently replace the Default Primary Weapon for 29,900 NX.

Further patches during mid-2009 lowered the M590's (and all its variants) internal magazine to 6, instead of 7, as well as reducing its effectiveness further.

In the 8-26-09 Patch, the M590's firepower was redefined once again. Before this, the M590 was still superior to the R870 in terms of damage, but the end-of-August 2009, it had become inferior.

The M590 is only able to add extended magazines. Since its magazine only holds 6 rounds now, players often add more to make up for it.



  • It was formerly the most powerful and popular shotgun in Combat Arms.
  • Nexon's stats for the damage of the gun say 70, when in game, the damage is 86.
  • This weapon was once offered as a default weapon change. As of the 2-3-10 Patch, Default Weapon Changes have been removed from the Black Market and are no longer available whilst every other weapon in the Black Market were offered for Permanent Duration.


  • The drawing animation of the M590 Military
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