An M590 specialized for Close Quarter Battle. Its fixed stock and shorter barrel reduces the shotgun's hefty recoil and allows for a faster draw.
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The M590 CQB is a pump-action shotgun. It has slightly reduced recoil and increased damage over its GP Standard variant.

This shotgun is stronger than the M590 Military, and it's a borderline one-shot kill weapon, allowing devastating one-shot kills in close ranges.

The CQB's magazine was reduced from seven to six after a patch during mid-2009, along with the rest of the M590 family.



  • It was once the most powerful and popular shotgun in the game.
  • The M590 CQB has a collapsible stock, much like the M4A1.
  • There is a rather large and obvious rail on top of the M590 CQB. Strangely, no scopes can be mounted.


  • The drawing animation of the M590 CQB.
  • The firing animation of the M590 CQB.
  • The reload animation of the M590 CQB.
  • The sprint animation of the M590 CQB.