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Br De Fr
Main m590 cqb
M590 CQB
GP cost

1 Day - 1,350 GP

7 Days - 6,615 GP

30 Days - 26,325 GP

90 Days - 72,900 GP

Supply Cases

Supply Crate MYST-G

Supply Case SG

Supply Case SG-N

Supply Case SG-III


NA - Ico rank13 05Captain/V

EU - Ico rank16 01Colonel/I


Low due to rarity

Ammo capacity


Rate of Fire17
Firing modes

Pump Action




Iron Sight

An M590 specialized for Close Quarter Battle. Its fixed stock and shorter barrel reduces the shotgun's hefty recoil and allows for a faster draw.
  — The Arsenal 


The M590 CQB is a pump-action shotgun. It has slightly reduced recoil and increased damage over its GP Standard variant.

This shotgun is stronger than the M590 Military, and it's a borderline one-shot kill weapon, allowing devastating one-shot kills in close ranges.

The CQB's magazine was reduced from seven to six after a patch during mid-2009, along with the rest of the M590 family.



Bronze II
2-Bronze Star
M590 Military
Silver I
1-Silver Star
M590 CQB
M590 Mariners
Silver II
2-Silver Star
First Green M590 Mariners
Silver III
3-Silver Star
(ACE) M590 Mariners
Gold I
1-Gold Star
M590 CQB Mariners


GP Standard M590 Military
GP Rare M590 CQB
NX Standard M590 Mariners
First Green M590 Mariners
NX Rare M590 CQB Mariners
Forged/MARK II Boneyard Shotgun (M590 Military)


  • It was once the most powerful and popular shotgun in the game.
  • The M590 CQB has a collapsible stock, much like the M4A1.
  • There is a rather large and obvious rail on top of the M590 CQB. Strangely, no scopes can be mounted.


  • The drawing animation of the M590 CQB.
  • The firing animation of the M590 CQB.
  • The reload animation of the M590 CQB.
  • The sprint animation of the M590 CQB.

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