One of a new generation of M4 assault rifles, improving upon the standard M4A1. Highly reliable, the M416 performs consistently in even the toughest environments.
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The Heckler & Koch HK416, known as the M416 in game, is an Assault Rifle released in the 2-25-09 Patch.


Much like the purpose of its real-life version, the 416 is a newer system that tries to fill gaps the M4A1 possesses. Although they seem to have very similar characteristics at first glance, the two rifles do perform differently overall. While the in-game Shop statistics only show a slight advantage by being two points lighter and an extra point less on recoil, they can be radically different depending on the users' play style.

During in-game comparisons, this rifle has extremely low recoil, which is especially noticeable when looking through an optic. Even with a higher rate of fire, the 416 is controllable for longer automatic firing, whereas the M4A1 suffers with erratic bullet spread after a sustained burst. Unlike certain weapons under the same category, the 416 is a strong multitasking system and can be a formidable, highly-controllable assault rifle up to its maximum range without sacrificing firepower or accuracy.

Variants & Custom Changes

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