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Main m32 stun grenade
M32 Stun Grenade
GP cost

Brazil Prices

7 Days - 20,500 GP

30 Days - 41,500 GP

North America Prices

1 Day - 3,200 GP

7 Days - 12,000 GP

30 Days - 23,200 GP

90 Days - 42,000 GP

NX cost

7 Days - 3,900 NX

30 Days - 8,900 NX


NA: Ico rank09 04Master Sergeant/IV

BR: Ico rank13 02Captain/II



Very Low


Nerve Gas Grenade

Ammo capacity


Rate of Fire40
Firing modes




A modified version of the M32, which deploys nerve gas in addition to explosive damage. Being poisoned by the gas hinders mobility.
  — The Arsenal 

The M32 Stun Grenade is a Specialist weapon added on the 7-1-2010 update.


It is extremely similar to the M32 Incendiary Bomb, except for the whitish color of the weapon. It can also slow down the enemy greatly. A bright yellow smoke will be released from the weapon. 40 HP will be reduced upon a direct hit only.

This weapon does hurt the user, just like it's other M32 variants. If the user came in contact with the M32 Stun Grenade's gas, it would make them lose their HP and affect them like the enemy.



M32 Grenade Launcher
M32 Incendiary Bomb
M32 Stun Grenade


Silver III
3-Silver Star
M32 Grenade Launcher
M32 Incendiary Bomb
M32 Stun Grenade


GP Standard M32 Grenade Launcher
M32 Incendiary Bomb
M32 Stun Grenade
NX Standard M32 Grenade Launcher
M32 Incendiary Bomb
M32 Stun Grenade


  • The M32 Stun is the 3rd variant of the M32 Grenade Launcher.
  • This may indicate that Nexon is planning on adding a stun grenade, although it may be odd that they would put in the M32-variant first.
  • Rather unknown but possible that the M32 Stun can stack with Caltrops, to severely cripple the player in terms of speed.
  • Upon release of the weapon, the stun cloud lasted longer than the M32 Incendiary Bomb's incendiary cloud. As of now it's a short lived cloud upon impact, which will cripple players in terms of speed.
  • Players affected by the M32 Stun Grenade will have their screen go black due to incompatible graphics cards that are incapable of dealing with yellow screen flashes.


M32 Stun Grenade Launcher
M32 Stun Grenade Cloud
946558 20100702 640screen039-1-

High Resolution Picture

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