A modified G3 which serves as the top model amongst MGs. It has high accuracy and an upgraded firing mechanism to allow burst fire, which is unique for a MG.
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The M21E (HK21E) is a Machine Gun version of the standard G3 rifle. It was added in the 7-1-2010 Content Update, and features drum magazines and a burst firing mode.


The M21E is a solid 3 shot kill, has low recoil, excellent accuracy, great portability and a high rate of fire. It has low spread when compared to other machine guns and the reticle settle time is low as well. However, the odd look of the gun and recoil pattern might throw some players off. Its burst fire pattern is unique amongst most machine guns, which often rely on fully-automatic firing modes.




  • This is the second machine gun to not have a bipod set out. The M60 is the first.
  • The M21E has very similar stats to the MG36 and the Ultimax 100. It has one point lower accuracy and one point higher recoil than the MG36, and has 2 points lower accuracy and 3 points lower recoil than the Ultimax 100.
  • The Combat Arms website states that the M21E is an NX standard, possibly implying that a variant of the M21E will be released as an NX rare, if another variant were to be released at all.
  • This is the first machine gun in Combat Arms to have a burst fire mode.
  • If one looks carefully, they will notice that the gun has adjustable iron sights with a range knob on the back.


  • The drawing animation of the M21E.
  • The firing animation of the M21E.
  • The burst-mode firing animation of the M21E.
  • The reloading animation of the M21E.
  • The sprinting animation of the M21E.