A smoke grenade that produces a thick fog which obscures sight. Used to hide squad movements or obstruct the enemy's line of sight.
  — The Arsenal 


The M18 Smoke is an 'Explosive' weapon that gives advantages to players in a unique way. When thrown, it releases a dense, gray-colored cloud that obscures all sight through it. It is nearly impossible to see anything through such cloud (However, players can still see name tags of enemies through the smoke).

It is very effective for providing cover in CTF matches for players cannot see enemies with the flag or hiding friendlies (though it's a real pain for ones carrying the flag, because their name tags are always shown). This characteristic is also effective for players can avoid campers and snipers while being covered by smoke.

The M18 is VERY useful when used in conjunction with other grenades. Fire and nerve gas are made completely invisible if covered by a properly placed smoke grenade, enemies are also unable to see frag grenades thrown into the smoke.

When numerous amounts of smoke greandes are thrown in one location, lag can occur to PCs with outdated graphics cards.