Part of the classic replica series. The finely crafted inlay on the cylinder is a beautiful accent, and the surplus of ammunition is good for killing many enemies at once.
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The Model 1849 'Pocket' 'Revolver' is a historical gun that was first released through the Ghosts of Guns Past event.

It can be forged through the Gun Emporium with the P226 Silver/Anaconda Silver and Replica Pallets.


The M1849 Pocket Revolver is a powerful weapon with above-average statistics: high stopping power, fast rate of fire (for a power pistol), extremely high accuracy and portability, extremely fast reload, and low recoil & spread.

It is very similar to the C1851N, however the M1849 is statistically superior: 2 points more damage, 1 point more accuracy, 1 point less recoil and 6 more bullets.

Most power pistols that have high damage ratings (70s range) and low rates of fire (10s range). The M1849 Revolver trades some power for rate of fire. The reason why this gun is so lethal is because it has a high firing rate (24), while still remaining a strong 2 hit kill weapon (on + 10 protection or more vests, it is a 3 shot kill).

However, as it is a revolver, it has a small magazine size of 6 rounds. With its fast rate of fire, the M1849's ammunition depletes very quickly. Furthermore, its magazine size cannot be customized, as well as its sights and suppressor. Fortunately, the revolver has a faster than average reload speed to make up for its smaller ammunition capacity. Keep in mind, however, that the M1849 has much more reserve ammo than most revolvers. It is tied with the Dragoon for highest ammo count at 6/36.

Another minor downside to the M1849 is its draw speed. Its draw speed is rather sluggish and slower than most other sidearms, which can mean life and death in the battlefield. Luckily, its draw is rather silent unlike other pistols, allowing for extra stealth.



M1849 Pocket Revolver


Bronze III
M1849 Pocket Revolver


  • It was sold for permanent duration during the Gunsmith Sale for 8,415 NX.


  • When first released in the Ghost of Guns Past event, the M1849 Pocket Revolver was only obtainable via getting 500 kills with the 44Rem Rev before 4/18/11.
  • This pistol is the third-most accurate pistol in the game, surpassed by the G18 Chrome with 69, then the P99 with 68, followed by the 44Rem Rev and the C1851N Pistol with 66 points of accuracy.
  • This is, historically, the oldest firearm in the game.
  • On Combat Arms Brazil, this weapon it's sold direct on Black Market for NX.


  • The drawing animation of the M1849 Pocket Revolver.
  • The firing animation of the M1849 Pocket Revolver.
  • The reloading animation of the M1849 Pocket Revolver.
  • The sprinting animation of the M1849 Pocket Revolver.