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Br De Fr
M16A4 Firebug High Resolution
M16A4 Firebug
NX cost

1 Day - 900 NX (BR)

7 Days - 3,400 NX (BR)

30 Days - 6,500 NX (BR)

90 Days - 11,900 NX

Permanent Duration - 24,900 NX




Horizontal Forgrip


Ammo capacity


Rate of Fire75
Firing modes


Burst Fire






Iron Sight

IRL M16 rifle#M16A4

A highly optimized M16A4, fitted with a smooth-bore long-barrel and carbon fiber grip for ultimate firepower.
  — Item Description 

The M16A4 Firebug is an assault rifle released during the 07/18/13 unscheduled game update.


The M16A4 Firebug is a NX Standard, smooth-bore variant in the M16 family of assault rifles.

Comparing to the GP-Standard version, the M16A4, the stat changes are as follows: one point damage buff, an increase of eight points in portability, a point increase in rate of fire, a point increase in accuracy and a decrease of one point in recoil.

These stats are comparable to the widely used M416 CQB. The Firebug has a one point increase in damage, a seven point increase in accuracy, one point advantage in rate of fire, but a one point decrease in portability and one point more recoil. Additionally, the Firebug does not come with a pre-attached sight.

The damage is on par with most other assault rifles,being a strong 4 hit kill. The damage dropoff,however,is where the similarities end. It has a very low damage dropoff,as it will consistently score 4 hit kills until the maximum range is reached,where the gun will either cease to hit its target at all,or the shots that do hit take a major damage penalty.

One of the differences between this gun and the original M16A4 are that this weapon fires noticeably faster. This allows it to empty its magazine in a shorter amount of time then the original M16A4. This is an asset when surprised by an enemy,and due to it's faster reload time over the original,It is not as costly to spray.

Its accuracy is on par with most other assault rifles,starting out at the same size as most. It will increase to its maximum size after the same amount of shots as most other guns,making it average in this department. It does decrease back down to the minimum slightly faster then other guns,but the difference is not noticeable.

Another one of the differences between this gun and the original is it's recoil pattern. It will go straight up for the first 6 shots,then it will start to wobble side to side,alternating every 2 shots. This may make it difficult to land shots on target at range using full auto fire.

As such,it is probably the best option to set the weapon on burst mode and use it that way. The burst will continually recoil straight up,no matter how fast they are fired. The rate of fire makes every burst quick,giving less downtime between bursts and making it easier to land the entire burst on target. Doing this will sacrifice the weapon's rather high rate of fire for close combat to make it a very proficient weapon at long ranges.

The Firebug's most noticeable improvement over the original M16A4 is that it is much more portable. The drawback to the M16A4 was its portability, which is near the lower end of the AR spectrum. Now that it has been counteracted, players can confidently move around with the Firebug without fear of being too slow to get to choke points quicker or run from enemies faster.



Default M16A3
M16A3 Professional
M16A3 Veteran
M16A3 Elite
M16A3 Champion
GP Standard M16A4
NX Standard M16A4 Firebug
Cousin T91


  • This gun was first released in CA:Korea on 7/08/13.


  • The drawing animation of the M16A4 Firebug.
  • The firing animation of the M16A4 Firebug.
  • The burst firing animation of the M16A4 Firebug.
  • The reloading animation of the M16A4 Firebug.
  • The sprinting animation of the M16A4 Firebug.

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