A camouflaged M14 that has been retooled for increased accuracy, less weight, and greater damage so that it can be used in special operations.
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The M14 CAMO is a variant of the M14 Assault Rifle. It features a distinct green camouflage pattern on the body of the weapon with a lighter weight for easier movement in any terrain. It has two fire modes, Semi-Automatic and Automatic, both are shared by the regular M14. It also has a higher rate of fire, greater damage and greater accuracy than the standard M14. This Assault Rifle features the second highest accuracy in its category, shared by all the M14 variants but the GP standard one. The M14 CAMO has greater accuracy than the L96A1 at 91, while the L96A1 stands at only 90.

The M14 CAMO can be bought at the rank of Captain/III, or can be found in the MYST-G supply case.



  • Although the M14 CAMO is a rifle, it posesses a reloading sound that resembles a revolver such as the Anaconda.
  • There is currently a glitch where one can occasionally zoom into a sniper scope with this gun. This has yet to be patched.


  • The drawing animation of the M14 CAMO.
  • The firing animation of the M14 CAMO.
  • The single-mode firing animation of the M14 CAMO.
  • The reloading animation of the M14 CAMO.
  • The sprinting animation of the M14 CAMO.