This compact combat knife is fast to draw and easy to use in close combat, allowing for fast attacks. However, its small blade causes less damage to enemies.
  — Item Description 

The M11 Tactical Knife is an NX Melee weapon purchasable in the Black Market.


The M11 is a compact  fixed blade recurve tanto knife, holding the title of the third lightest Melee weapon . While it has the second fastest attack rate out of any melee weapon, it is also the weakest and close-range suited (meaning its range is not too far) melee weapon in the game.

It is one of the most least used melee weapon in the entire game, mostly since it costs NX to purchase, its damage and range are miniscule, and the fact that other weapons (most notable the Tracker Knife) out-shine it in almost any situation.



M11 Tactical Knife


Gold I
M11 Tactical Knife


  • From June 23 to June 29 of 2010, the M11 could be bought for one day for only 99NX
  • Its primary attack is very much similar to that of the sickle.
  • Until the 8/24/10 Content Update, it was regarded as the most portable knife.