An incendiary grenade that blankets the area with chemicals, causing high temperature burns to targets within its blast vicinity.
  — The Arsenal 

The M-23F Incendiary is an explosive grenade of Combat Arms.


After being thrown, the M-23F will emit an orange cloud that lasts for 14 seconds. Standing in the gas cloud increases the time the player receives residual damage. Any player caught in the blast will have their screen flash orange (though they can still see) and others will see that player on fire.

The weapon is used to block certain passage ways, especially against those that "base rush" or spawn camp or in small maps. Although smoke lasts for only 14 seconds it has a longer aftermath effect due to its burning traits (as opposed to the G7A Gas grenades). It has also become popular to "chemicalize" the enemy's spawn base. This is an effective strategy since the after effects also take off Armour Points, weakening the enemy for allied team mates to kill and also limit the range of vision, similar to the effects of the M18 Smoke.

The M-23F Incendiary has similar effects to the M32 Incendiary Bomb. Both weapons gives a burning, lasting damage to enemies (including the user) who made contact to the blast.

Players are able to reduce the damage received by the M-23F Incendiary with items providing protection from fire like the AF-II Fire Mask.



M-23F Incendiary


Silver II
M-23F Incendiary


  • Mines can be weakened/blown up if in contact with the M23F Incendiary.
  • The M23F Incendiary can rack up a lot of points in the Infected modes of Fireteam, all the the same time of weakening/killing zombies.
  • A 7-day M-23F Incendiary grenade was contained in the first Recruit Weapon Kit.
  • An M-23F Incendiary can be prematurely detonated by damaging it from gunfire and explosives, much like the gas capsules fired by D.R.E.A.D in NEMEXIS HQ.
  • The M-23F Incendiary Grenade, along with all other gas grenades, does not affect players with a spawn shield.
  • If the player has a certain type of graphics card, their screen will turn black when in contact with the M-23F Incendiary grenade.
  • Players affected by the M-23F Incendiary will have their screen go black due to incompatible graphics cards that are incapable of dealing with orange screen flashes.