As a former JSF officer with superior tactical skills and a calm, calculated sniping ability, Lynx earned her place in the special squadrons immediately upon joining Warcorp. She comes from a long line of prestigious military officers, but her father's alleged involvement in an illicit bribery scandal sent her family's honor, and her career, in a downward spiral. Since then, she's been on a non-stop crusade to restore her family's name and prove her father's innocence.
  — Combat Arms Command 

Codename: Lynx is the 5th operative (after Captain Souza), and the eight overall specialist. She was released on through the 10/16/13 Content Update.


Codename: Lynx features her own unique vest---the Ultralight Vest---which gives her a speed boost on the field. Like other speed-based Specalists, Lynx also has a base +30% to stamina.

Codename: Lynx can be purchased at the rank of First Lieutenant/II or higher with GP. Otherwise, she can be purchased like any other Mercenary through the Black Market.





Silver III
Gold I


GP Standard
NX Standard


  • She is the second Russian character after Zharkov.
  • She is the first Russian female. 
  • She is the first Russian Operative.
  • There is a several-year gap between Lynx's release and the Operative who came before her, which was Souza.
  • Her name, Lynx, follows the Operative tradition (excluding Souza) of being named after a predatory animal.
  • She is seen wearing a white Shapka with a golden star in the middle, which may indicate her rank.
  • She is the fastest available specialist, excluding the Classic Operatives.
  • Currently, she is the only Operative to not have a 'Classic' variant.
  • Unlike the other Specialists, Lynx does not wear gloves. She has pink nail polish on her nails, indicating her preference of aesthetics.
  • Although she wears a shapka by default, it does not protect her from headshots.
  • Lynx is able to draw weapons and reload them faster than any other character, except Assassins.
  • Lynx has her own custom weapon, the Lynx's VSS.
  • According to Combat Arms Brazil, Lynx was recruited to the WarCorp by Colonel Coleman.
  • Lynx can be obtained through the Ghost Hi-Sec Case.


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