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Lunar Labs
Lunar Labs
Game Modes

Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, Quarantine Regen, Last Man Standing


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Lunar Labs is the 46th map released in Combat Arms. It was first released in Combat Arms EU as the 43rd map in this region on the June 6th, 2013 with the new UI instead of Quantum Labs. It was released in North America on July 3, 2013.


It's a small map, but it is billaterally symetrical and designed for the flow of easy movement. This map takes place within a Gravity Research Laboratory. You can switch low gravity on and off with a cube on the top of it. If you change gravity when people are jumping high, they will crash and die. At the center there are some fans that activate with low gravity and let you jump to the top floor.

There are problems with the giant fan in the middle, however. There are times where if a player attempts to jump up, they will stop jumping even if they have enough propulsion to go up to the roof and fall back down.

In Quarantine Mode a good strategy is going into the teleporters (even though the destination you will end up using the A floor teleporters is completely random)  and setting mines. 


  • While Junk Flea 2 was the first "sequel" to an existing map, Lunar Labs is the first alternative counterpart to a map that already exists. (Quantum Labs) 
  • It is the second map in Combat Arms to feature teleportation.
  • It is the second map to feature lower gravity, making jumps much higher and fall damage nearly impossible (when the cube is on)
  • In Quarantine Regen mode Nexon later changed the cube so that it couldn't be turned off prior to the infection being chosen. This was done to prevent easy team killing on behalf of those who would changed the cube. 
  • There is an unused cube texture outside the map itself, it can only be seen legitamently when spectating a player near the wall
  • As an infected it is advised to use the cube to your advantage. This can be from either killing airborn players or restricting players to the ground floor by turning on gravity.
  • Lunar Labs was removed from Combat Arms Global after the Reloaded update.


Combat Arms New Map Lunar Labs01:14

Combat Arms New Map Lunar Labs

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