A (ACE) G36E Valkyrie with 4 mods of 2-star Gold grade already installed. The following MODS are installed. [Damage +5%][Clipsize +100%][Stun Effect +60%][Aiming +20%][Recoil -20%][Muzzle Flash -50%][Gunshot Noise -50%][Reload Speed -10%]
  — Item Description 

The Loaded (ACE) G36E Valkyrie is a 1-Star Gold Grade NX Rare Assault Rifle and is a Loaded variant of the (ACE) G36E Valkyrie.


The only difference between the (ACE) G36E Valkyrie and the Loaded variant are the 4 integrated Advanced 2-Star Gold Grade Modifications. Although the in-game statistics suggests the Loaded (ACE) G36E Valkyrie has a 30/90 ammo clip, due to the pre-attached Magazine modification it actually has an ammo count of 70/50.




  • In Combat Arms Brazil, the Loaded (ACE) G36E Valkyrie is translated to "(ACE) G36E Valkyrie Modificada".


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