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Equipment & Gear




  • 2nd Lieutenant Oscar
  • 1st Lieutenant Carlos
  • Master Sergeant Ryan
  • Major James
  • Colonel Coleman
  • Command Sergeant Major Katrina
  • Command Sergeant Major Diamond


  • Brigadier General Evans
  • Command Sergeant Major Sophia
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VIP Escort

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Spy Hunt

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Head (106)

The Cap Family (30)

Rank Rewards (4)

Anniversary Cap (16)

Spec Ops Mei's Cap

Other (11)

The Boonie Hat Family (2)

The Cowboy Hat Family (3)

The Beret Family (4)

The Bandana Family (5)

The Optical Sight Family (2)

The Shemagh Family (2)

The Infected Mask Family (4)

The Powered Suit Helmet Family (2)

The IBH Family (4)

The Helmet Family (18)

Anniversary Helmet (3)

Others (16)

The Snorkeling Mask Family (2)

The Robot Skull Family (2)

Other (21)

Face (66)

The Goggles Family (7)

The Aviator Glasses Family (3)

The Eye Patch Family (2)

The Red Nose Family (2)

The Bandana Family (16)

Anniversary Bandana (11)

Others (3)

The Mask Family (13)

Anniversary Mask (3)=

Others (10)

The Tactical Mask Family (3)

The Face Guard Family (2)

The Fire Mask Family (2)

The Gas Mask Family (7)

Beard Family (3)

The New Year's Shades (3)

Other (4)

Uniform (6)

Other (6)

Vest (33)

The Assault Vest Family (2)

The Light Vest Family (2)

The Tactical Vest Family (2)

The Recon Vest Family (26)

Other (5)

Backpack (45)

The Standard Backpack Family (5)

Rank Rewards

The Terrain Backpack Family (7)

The Modular Backpack Family (5)

Anniversary Backpack (16)

Other (12)

Cosmetic (85)

Character (24)

Head (32)

Face (9)

Vest (5)

Backpack (13)

Unknown (4)

They can be Cosmetic or Gear

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