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Let's Play Gamers (LPG), formerly known as The Weekly Haze, is a community-run site dedicated to bringing the community together through events, award distributions, and forum discussions. The site also seeks to unite the community in areas outside of Combat Arms as well, such as through their community-run Minecraft Server.


LP Gamers was originally founded and run by CrystalHaze. It gained a lot of attention on the old Combat Arms forums as a site where people could have a functioning and well-looking forums, but eventually grew beyond that into what it is today. It was originally granted an allowance of 150,000 NX from Kalika, the former community manager, for the events that it ran. Their NX allowance was raised to 250,000 NX in response to the growing following within the community.

In recent times, CrystalHaze has resigned from the site and passed the leadership torch to Lifted-Soul, the current head of LP Gamers.


Prior to being called Let's Play Gamers, the community was known as The Weekly Haze. However, a controversy arose as to the title, with, "Haze" referring to a type of drug. This was solved with changing the name to Let's Play Gamers. During this transition the site was also redesigned, and more games were added to the community forums.



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