Part of the WWII replica series, this bolt-action rifle was adopted as the standard issue rifle for the British army in 1895. Despite its age, it is still used today, making it the longest serving bolt-action rifle in the world. It makes up for slightly low damage with excellent accuracy and a snappy fire rate. Requires an M24 and 7x Replica Pallets to forge.
  — Operation: Death Row Update Notes 

The Lee-Enfield rifle is a Sniper Rifle released during the 08-16-2012 Death Row update.

It is a forgeable Weapon forged using an M24 and 7x Replica pallets to forge. Statistically, it trades one point of accuracy for one point of damage.


The Lee-Enfield is a bolt-action rifle boasting an extremely high accuracy as well as a high rate of fire, a sniper scope similar to the M1866, and a two hit kill capability. It is also important to note that the Lee-Enfield has a scope-in time and round chambering speed that are much faster than the M24, and most other sniper rifles.

Its performance is very similar to many semi-automatic sniper rifles, especially in terms of the fire rate. However, there are a two striking differences: the Lee-Enfield has a near perfect accuracy rating, and it is a bolt-action rifle.





Silver I
Gold I
Improved Lee-Enfield


  • This sniper has fastest chambering rate out of all bolt-action sniper rifles.
  • While it's unknown if this is a glitch or not, the Lee-Enfield can be sold back for GP even though a GP weapon (M24) is used to forge it.
  • It boasts an ammo count of 10 per magazine and 20 in reserve, one of the highest of all bolt-actions.
  • This is the very first sniper rifle in the WWII Replica Series
  • Despite being fed by clips in real life, in Combat Arms, the player character reloads the weapon by removing a (non-existent) magazine and then inserting a fresh (non-existent) magazine


  • The drawing animation of the Lee-Enfield.
  • The firing animation of the Lee-Enfield.
  • The scoping animation of the Lee-Enfield.
  • The reloading animation of the Lee-Enfield.
  • The sprinting animation of the Lee-Enfield.