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Some of the information in this article is unconfirmed. Maintain caution.

Any game material made known to the public before it is officially released is known as Unreleased Content.

Some content may remain development and never be released, even if the public is made aware of its existence. This material is known as vaporware.


It is impossible for us to ensure that any aforementioned content will be released, at any given time in the future. Some of these items may have been scrapped, or are purely developmental, and may never be added to the game.

Furthermore, not all content will be available to every regional server. They may not be released through the same exact way (via event or supply drop), and they also may not be released under the same exact name (i.e. Dead Water/Infected Ship).

New Map

Crystal Tower

Crystal Tower(00:15)

New nemexis map leak1 New nemexis map leak2

New Cases

New Cases Leaked1

Creed Items

Leaked in Combat Arms Brazil files

CA Creed Helmets CA Creed Vests

CQBR Devgru

The CQBR Devgru[citation needed]

Fish Gun

The Fish Gun[citation needed]

Baguette Gun

The Baguette Gun[citation needed]

SD Gun

The SD Gun [citation needed]

Formerly Unreleased Content

An archive of previously unreleased content (which was later released) can be found here.


  • It is possible that some leaks have dissuaded the company from releasing that content later on, inadvertently becoming a source of vaporware.
  • Nexon's Terms of Service has been amended, now stating that any modification and/or access to the game files is considered a bannable offense. Therefore, any leaked content posted on the official Nexon Forums will be removed, and the guilty party suspended. Sites such as our own are not under Nexon's jurisdiction, and are unable to be held accountable.

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