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Some of the information in this article is unconfirmed. Maintain caution.

Unreleased Content is known by the public before its official release.


It is impossible for us to know if any future content will be released. Some content:

  • may have been scrapped
  • may have been in development only
  • will never be added to the game

In addition, not all content will be available to each region. Some content:

  • may not be released in the same manner (event vs. supply drop)
  • may not be released under the same name (Dead Water/Infected Ship)

Unreleased Content

Soccer Items


An archive of content that was eventually released can be found here.


Some items may be stuck in development even if the public is aware of its existence. These items have never been released, and are known as vaporware.

CQBR Devgru

The CQBR Devgru[citation needed]

Fish Gun

The Fish Gun[citation needed]

Baguette Gun

The Baguette Gun[citation needed]

SD Gun

The SD Gun [citation needed]


  • It is possible that some leaks have dissuaded the company from releasing that content later on, inadvertently creating vaporware.
  • Nexon's Terms of Service has been amended, now stating that any modification and/or access to the game files is considered a bannable offense. Therefore, any leaked content posted on the official Nexon Forums will be removed, and the guilty party suspended. Sites such as our own are not under Nexon's jurisdiction, and are unable to be held accountable.


Combat Arms - Hell Gate (First Look - Leaks)07:04

Combat Arms - Hell Gate (First Look - Leaks)

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Hell's Gate

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