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Last Vegas
Map Vegas
Name Last Vegas
Size Small
First Introduced December 16th, 2015.

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Last Vegas is Combat Arms' 60th map for North America/Europe [1]

It was released on December 16th, 2015.


This map takes place at Infected Ship's casino room. Unlike in the actual Infected Ship map, there are two additional rooms, where Bravo team spawns. The exit to Infected Ship's main deck is blocked.


  • Based on the map's environment and props, it can be assumed that Last Vegas's setting is taking place after the events of Infected Ship.
    • If one looks outside the window, there is a bright sunshine on the horizon of the ocean. Infected Ship's setting took place at night.
    • If one looks at the bottom of the glass elevator, one can see the clear ocean. In Infected Ship, the ocean is dark (possibly toxic).
    • Some slot machines are knocked over and some blackjack tables are flipped over. In Infected Ship, the slot machines and blackjack tables are left undisturbed.



  1. Combat Arms Europe Official Webpage

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