Type of Mech

Athena cannon

Hermes saw arm

Has black and (mainly) red metal armor
Appears in

Using the Hermes melee weapon or an Athena pistol, this mech is meant for close quarters combat.
  — Mech Description 

The 'Lancer is a Mech that was released, along with NEMEXIS Labs, on the Cover of Darkness Update.


The Lancer is one of the Mechs available in Fireteam:NEMEXIS Labs that players can use to fight with. The Lance has its own unique weapons, the Hermes saw arm (melee weapon) and the Athena cannon (secondary weapon). This Mech is designed to fight in close quarters since its main weapon is the Hermes.


  • The Lancer's weapon, the Hermes saw arm, is named after the Greek God of speed.
  • If the Lancer's gun is fired for a prolonged period of time it shall automatically reload, showing the reload animation even though it does not display ammo. 
  • The Lancer's gun has an unlimited supply of ammo.
  • There is a bug in which if the player is using a male character, they will have a female voice while piloting the Lancer, and vice versa (if using a female character, they will have a male voice).


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