An upgraded model of the L85A1 designed to improve damage and utilize an attached scope.
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The L85A1 MOD is the NX Standard variant of the L85A1. It was released in the 8-12-09 Patch.


The L85A1 MOD is a NX variant of the L85A1. It features a SUSAT Scope, which is unique to the NX variants of the L85-family. Unlike regular ACOG/Trishot Holosight scopes, this scope has a different reticule and zooms in further, similar to the unique scopes of the AUG A1 and the G36E. Plus, the gun has a higher damage rating, but only just slightly higher to retain weapon balancing. The recoil of this gun is very similar to the G36E. When combating medium range targets, it gets quite hard to aim because the scope jumps around a lot.

It retains the other stats the L85A1 has including impressive accuracy and the available burst-firing mode.

All modifications except scopes can be attached to the L85A1 MOD, because it comes with a pre-attached scope.

TAU Event Variant

After the 2/20/14 patch a special permanent variant of the L85A1 MOD became available to Combat Arms Players, the L85A1 TAU MOD. This variant was part of a special event in which players could complete various upgrade and scavenging jobs in order to obtain another special variant, the L85A1 TAU MOD CAMO.

Players would receive the L85A1 TAU MOD after getting 250 kills with, and upgrading it from, the L85A1 TAU CAMO. With this gun players could forge the L85A1 TAU MOD CAMO, a special variant of the regular gun. This required that players have this gun, as well as four Nanotech Dossiers, or two Nanotech Dossiers and one Advanced Refiner. Nanotech Dossiers could be acquired by exchanging 2500 Nemexis Nanotechs, obtain in varying amounts from the roulette wheel, in the scavenger section of the jobs tab.




  • There is a glitch where in the Player Profile (on the Combat Arms' Website) the L85A1 MOD will appear to be the L85A1 CAMO.
  • In real life, the SUSAT scope only has the obelisk without the '+' at the top. This was added to the scope in the game to assist aiming.


  • The drawing animation of the L85A1 MOD.
  • The firing animation of the L85A1 MOD.
  • The burst-mode firing animation of the L85A1 MOD.
  • The scoping animation of the L85A1 MOD.
  • The reloading animation of the L85A1 MOD.
  • The sprinting animation of the L85A1 MOD.