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Br De Fr
Main L85A1
GP cost

1 Day - 1,000 GP

7 Days - 4,900 GP

30 Days - 19,500 GP

90 Days - 54,000 GP


Ico rank12 02 First Lieutenant/II



Ammo capacity


Rate of Fire74
Firing modes







Iron Sight


The Bullpup design of this rifle allows it to be more compact than other assault rifles without sacrificing barrel length. Its portability and use of standard 5.56mm ammo makes it a popular choice for military units around the world.
  — Item Description 

The L85A1 is a British Bullpup-designed GP-Standard Assault Rifle that was released with the 7-28-09 Patch.


Its damage is about the same as AK-74U and AUG A1. The L85A1 has surprisingly high accuracy for a rifle of its size and power. The rifle's rate of fire is high enough to outperform other assault rifles.

The weapon will deal consistent 3 hit kills out to the average range for assault rifles,before damage dropoff starts to kick in. This makes the weapon feel very consistent in it's shots to kill,making it stronger then average for assault rifles. The maximum range is on par with most assault rifles,being able to fire just as far before the bullets cease to hit at all.

The weapon has an average rate of fire,not firing too slow to be a liability at close quarters,but not firing fast enough to make the spread harder to control. It's rate of fire will help it if surprised by an enemy,and it also makes the weapon a good choice for close quarters combat,as spraying will more often then not net kills. It does have a significantly higher max spread then the average assault rifle,so sustained fire may be less accurate.

The crosshair spread is on par with most other assault rifles,being about the same size as most of them. It grows slightly slower then most,but it is not enough of a difference to be noticeable. It does decrease faster then average,making sustained fire easier to accomplish without making the weapon inaccurate. It does have a large maximum spread if fired for too long however,making it less accurate then average.

The recoil will cause the gun to kick up for the first 3 shots,then it will drift either left or right,changing direct every 3 shots after the initial. This makes the weapon very friendly for tap-fire,as it will often reset before the next shot is fired. The spread is effectively, the limiting factor on this weapon's range,as it cannot equip a scope.

The weapon's reload speed is one of the fastest of all the Assault Rifles in the game. Recoil, leaning more on the close-quarters combat side; this weapon may be hard to control on far-range automatic fire but can be controlled by using burst-fire.

Sights cannot be modified, meaning this weapon does not have the ability to attach Scopes or Reflex Sights to improve its range or accuracy.                                                     

TAU Event Variant

The Bullpup design of this rifle allows it to be more compact than other assault rifles without sacrificing barrel length. Its portability and use of standard 5.56mm ammo makes it a popular choice for military units around the world. The TAU model is acquired by Collecting Nemexis Nanotech and can be exchanged for the L85A1 TAU CAMO through an upgrade job.
  — Item Description 

The 2/20/14 patch introduced a permanent variant of the L85A1 in Combat Arms North America: the L85A1 TAU. This variant was part of a special event in which players could complete various upgrade and scavenging jobs in order to obtain another special variant, the L85A1 TAU MOD CAMO.

In the upgrade section of the jobs tab there was a special job which enabled players to upgrade this weapon into a L85A1 TAU CAMO. The requirement was to achieve 150 kills with the gun.



GP Standard L85A1
GP Rare L85A1 CAMO
NX Standard L85A1 MOD
Epic Zadan's L85A1 MOD


  • This weapon entered inconspicuously into the game during the 7-28-09 Patch in the Supply Case - AR (its variant, the L85A1 CAMO, was confirmed to be in the case, but not the original weapon itself) before being released in the Shop. It was officially released on 8/12/09.
  • This gun's stats, as shown above are exactly on par to the AUG A1.
  • Despite its description claiming its portability to be favourable, the L85A1's portability is actually one of the heaviest of all Assault Rifles (on par with the AK-47).


  • The draw animation of the L85A1.
  • The firing animation of the L85A1.
  • The burst-mode firing animation of the L85A1.
  • The reload animation of the L85A1.
  • The sprint animation of the L85A1.

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