Coming from the L96 line of weaponry, the L115A2 has been constructed with speed in mind, combining a highly damaging sniper rifle with solid level of portability.
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The L115A2 (AWM/AWSM) is a GP-Standard Sniper Rifle based on the L96A1 series.


It has the same cost as an L96A1, but requires a rank of First Lieutenant/III to unlock. The L115A2 and the NX variant, L115A3, share the same scope as the TPG-1 Pro which provides higher and clearer magnification than the L96 series. They also feature an increase in accuracy, range and damage.

The L115A2 features a re-skinned model of the L96A1 Super-Magnum/L96A1 Black Magnum weapons. It has a light gray body (dark gray in-game) with a black barrel and similar Muzzle Brake. Unlike the 'Magnum' weapons, however, it allows the use of the suppressors. It lacks the extra round per magazine. One difference between the L115A2/3 models, and the rest of the L96A1 family is that the bipod is swept forward towards the barrel and not the body of the rifle - probably due to identification reasons.



  • It was sold for permanent duration on Combat Arms Brazil 4th Anniversary between 09/18/2014 and 09/24/2014 for 200,000 GP.


  • The Combat Arms Arsenal's picture of the L115A2 model is different than it's seen in-game. The Arsenal picture shows the L115A2 has a light gray body but it actually has a dark gray body in-game. This visual difference is like that of the M134 Minigun, whose barrel brackets are black instead of white/silver.


  • The drawing animation of the L115A2.
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