Firearm developed for military and police forces, chambered specifically for .45 ACP rounds. Its unique operating mechanism is designed to provide stability by absorbing recoil when firing.
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The Kriss (also known as the TDI Vector or the KRISS TDI) is a GP-Standard Submachine Gun, which was introduced after the 7-1-10 Patch.


The Kriss has relatively low spread, decent accuracy, a rate of fire equal to that of the MAC-10, and a hybrid straight up and zig-zag recoil pattern. It has the Kriss series' exclusive ammunition capacity of 28, two shots less than a regular magazine.

The Kriss has relatively low damage and, coupled with the high rate of fire and unpredictable recoil, makes it more difficult to stay on target in ranges farther than mid-range. The Kriss also has very high damage dropoff, making it much more difficult to kill enemies at long range. 



  • The Kriss was sold for permanent duration during the Nex-Mas Sale (2013) for 100,000 GP.
  • The Kriss was on sale for permanent duration on Combat Arms Europe/North America during the Combat Arms 7th Anniversary for 128,340 GP.[1]
    • Nexon removed the sale after day one due to a bug.[2]
    • The sale has never returned since the removal.


  • The 7/28/10 Patch had made the Kriss have the same damage as the MP7.
  • This weapon has an unusable flashlight.                                                     


  • The drawing animation of the Kriss.
  • The firing animation of the Kriss.
  • The reloading animation of the Kriss.
  • The sprinting animation of the Kriss.


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