The term "Kick" refers to a decision to remove a player from the game room, or "kick out" the player. Kicking can only be used the game lobby if the game master has purchased the Elite Moderator. There has been (and still are) players abusing the Elite Moderator function by kicking out any players they feel like.(Rage Kick ) If this is the case then their "S" or "E" symbol, (for Super Elite and Elite Moderator respectively), will most likely be red. Most of these Elite Moderators don't get penalized because players cannot vote if the kicks and fair or not in a game lobby and because many players dont bother to vote leading those votes to automatically be counted as one half of a "good" vote. 

The Vote Kick System was added to allow non-paying players who are Staff Sergeant or higher to cast a vote to decide if a chosen player would be kicked or not (the voting can be participated to all players in the match). This has been used to kick players who have caused problems, although one drawback is that it can only be used ingame. This system has been also abused due to players simply removing any good players in the game. Essentially this forces all players to play badly or else the majority of players will vote and kick any players playing well. There has also been problems with removing unfair players, as the game automatically voting "No" for players who do not vote within the given time. The Vote Kick System requires 2/3 votes of agreement to kick the player, so even if a game of 16 people (the maximum allowed in any game) votes 8/8 or 9/7 in favor of a kick, the player will not be kicked because that ratio is not 2/3. 

A new hack called the Anti-Kick allows players not to be kicked even when they are supposed to be. The only way to combat this (of 12/21/09) is to report the hacker and/or to leave the game. The Anti-kick has cease to exist after the major patch and fixes but there is a possibility of it making a comeback. Another hack affecting kicking is Random Kick. This hack allows for a VIP hacker to enter a room and randomly kick a player out. The player kick out can only be a player who previously in the game was Voted to be kicked, but was not kicked. When a hacker kicks you using Random Kick, it registers as a admin kicking the player from the game.

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