Khali's profile picture on the forums. She is seen here with her cat.

Khali is a former Community Manager (CM) ( are second ) for the Combat Arms community. She made herself known on the 9th of May, 2012. She is the person who replaced Kalika in the position of CM after she left Nexon. She was also interviewed and recommended by Kalika.

The page where in she announced herself to the community may be found here:!%26nxid%3D14

However, it was announced by Khali herself that on the 13th of July, 2012, that she would be leaving Nexon to work on Saint's Row at THQ. Her role will be a Community role similar to what her role at Combat Arms was.


  • She has worked for other First Person Shooter games before.
    Khali 2

    Khali's full facial appearance, found in her Photobucket.

  • Her real name is Nikki.
    • She is perhaps the first Nexon exployee to disclose her real name.
  • She is not new to the Nexon, or even the Combat Arms forums.
  • She likes cats.
  • Her first First Person Shooter that she played was GoldenEye, on the Nintendo 64.
  • Her IGN is Khali_816; This is strange as Nexon employees tend to have their abbreviated position in their name (Ex. "Kalika_CM" or, "GM_Libra" or "NX_Ghamos"
  • She prefers Phantom of the Opera over Evita.
  • Her name is thought to be an Indiana Jones reference.

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