The Jukebox is a feature that allows the player to modify the game's BGM. Players can also add their own music. The only currently known compatible format is MP3.

How to add your own music in the Jukebox

Below are the instructions to add your own music to the Jukebox in the game. After adding your music, you must restart Combat Arms for it to take effect. (Note: If you were not logged in the game while doing Step 4, then you don't need to restart.

  1. Look for the Nexon folder, which is located in your C: drive. Double click on it when you find it.
  2. Double click on the folder called "Combat Arms".
  3. Double click on the "Jukebox" folder.
  4. Drag your music to that Jukebox folder.
  5. Login to the game and go to your game settings.
  6. Click on the "Sound" tab. Scroll down and check/uncheck songs.


  • It was notably added since most players disliked the "new" BGM of the game, often muting it completely, and desiring the return of old or newer tunes.
  • Some players intentionally turn this off, because, when in a game room lobby, it can interfere with Voice Chat.

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