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Joseph Decker is a Non-Playable Character who plays an important role in the storyline of NEMEXIS. He is the successor of his father, Wayne Decker, for the NEMEXIS corporation.

Involvement in the War

For the full story, see Evil Never Dies: The Story Thus Far...


Joseph has the power of NEMEXIS in his hands, as Wayne Decker, its previous leader, was thrown in jail after an illegal weapons scandal and a high-profile biological weapon leak.

The War Begins

(Does not appear)

The Hunt Begins

The World Federation and the Third World Union form the World Alliance and prepare to attack NEMEXIS. Meanwhile, Joseph launches a missile towards the city of Niamey, Nigeria, to warn them of his capabilities.

A Costly Victory

As NEMEXIS forces were detained by the World Alliance after an all-out attack, Joseph Decker was nowhere to be found.


NEMEXIS' reign of terror had come to a halt for now. The casualties were in their millions, and yet Joseph Decker is still nowhere to be found.

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