Jasmine, also known as the "Iron Princess," was born in a small country that can no longer be found on a map. When she was 7, a territorial dispute started between powerful nations over a national interest. During the dispute, Jasmine's small country united with the more powerful country near it, forcing her family to leave their home and live as refugees for years. It wasn't until she was 14 that they were able to settle in a new country.

She went through numerous economic hardships through her long years as a refugee and came to know what people without their own countries go through. Her time as a refugee inspired Jasmine to start an NGO called Peacemakers that works to protect small, weak nations and their people.

She fully understands the fact that military power that can withstand international powers is the only protection a small, weak nation has from a large, powerful nation's ill-placed interests. Externally, the Peacemakers she leads seem to be expanding their powers as a political, international organization, but internally, they are an organization of mercenaries who are willing to take militant actions. They say Jasmine got the nickname "Iron Princess" because of her willingness to do anything to reach her objectives.

Recently, a multi-national energy company called Shell Tech has drawn Jasmine's attention. She received word that a terrorist organization called Babaroga that is linked to the Uruk Republic has ties with this company. Her intuition tells her that Shell Tech is plotting something big and dirty. Her actions in the future will not only affect characters like Lindsey, but all of Combat Arms as well.

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