Infected Mask Guard

Infected Mask Guard (The Arsenal)

How to obtain
Completed the Extreme mode of Cabin Fever.

Protects from Gas +50%

Protects from Headshots +30%

A war trophy given to soldiers who have cleared the Extreme level of FireTeam Mode(Cabin Fever). (Wearing this item disallows use of face gear).
  — The Arsenal 

The Infected Mask Guard protects your character 50% from Gas and 30% from Headshots. This mask is not available for Specialists and disallows other use of face gear. It is a reward given after a player has completed the Extreme mode of Cabin Fever.

This mask is very helpful in Cabin Fever because of the great gas protection it provides. The infected mask guard helps the user to be able to survive longer if they're inside the gas atmosphere.



NX Standard Infected Mask Virus
Infected Mask Host
Rewards Infected Mask
Infected Mask Guard


  • The mask is supposed to resemble The Crusher's face.
  • A lower rank seen wearing this mask can be suspected as a hacker, because of the low chances of receiving this as a reward.

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