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Infected Masks
are Halloween event Gear Items that can be worn on players' heads. There are 4 types of masks:
  • The Male Infected Host Mask,
  • The Female Infected Host Mask,
  • The Male Infected Virus Mask, and
  • The Female Infected Virus Mask.

They were first released as a reward for completing the Daily Quarantine Event, and were released as Halloween items during the 10-28-09 Patch.

Each mask had its own statistics, depending on whether it was a Host mask or a Virus Mask. These included Speed, Protection, and Protection from Gas boosts.

Recently, with the release of Cabin Fever, the Host Infected masks were re-released as rewards. They also included a new mask, the Infected Mask Guard.

From 9/29/10 to 10/5/10, everyday if you played 5 matches of Seize and Secure, you got a free 1-Day Infected Mask.



NX Standard Infected Mask Virus
Infected Mask Host
Rewards Infected Mask
Infected Mask Guard

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